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Zoom Microscope ( DZ4 l SDZ2 l DZ2IRV.IRT l IMS Series l MCB-1 l UWZ210/285 )
Measuring MS ( DH2 l IMH )
  • The DZ2/101 cover a wide range of magnifications by exchanging objectives with ultra low magnification (0.5 to 5x), low magnification (1.5 to 15x), high-magnification (5 to 50x), and ultra high magnification (7X to 70X).
  • Observations can be made on the monitor screen by the following total magnifications: 70 to 750x (low magnification objective), 250 to 2,500x (high magnification objective) and 350 to 3,500x (ultra high magnification), when the 1/2 type CCD camera and 15 inch type TV monitor are used).
  • Excellent workability has been achieved through the long working distance objectives (ultra low magnification objective: 45 mm, low magnification objective : 46.2 mm, high magnification objective: 14 mm, and ultra high magnification objective: 7.1 mm)
  • Compactness, lightweight and limited floor space requirement for installation have also been accomplished
  • Various illumination systems to provide optimum lighting are available: for example, coaxial incident light, ring light guide, transmitted light, oblique light, and partially shielded-light illuminations.

  • Most suitable optical system for image processing to be used in electronic, mechanical and materials-related (metals or nonmetal) fields as well as laboratory-related fields.
  • Most suitable optical system for micro measurements to be made through high magnification and high N.A. objectives.
  • The supply of the optical system only is also possible.
  • The objective revolver makes it possible for the user to mount the DZ2/101 in a location where there is no room for exchanging objectives.
  • The DZ2/101 are most suitable for optical alignment systems, and visual inspection systems for chips, and those for wafers and printed circuit boards. The DZ2/101 enables the user to quickly find a part to be inspected at the low magnification and to zoom it up.
  • The DZ2/101 can be installed onto factory automation equipment as the motor-driven zoom optical tube and the motor-driven bracket for fine focusing are also available.
  • Perfect for the use in assembly lines, as they have the long working distance objectives.
  • Straight tube type, large straight tube type, and various stands and stages are also available, so they can be combined according to the specifications of the user.
  • Observations based on conventional microscopes have been made by changing objectives (e.g., 5x, 10x, 20x and 40x objectives). The DZ2-101 now enables the user to make uninterrupted observations using the only one objective of which magnifications can be changed continuously.
  • Various types of stands and stages that you need for your varying applications are also available.
  • The combination of the image filing controller and the image analysis software program makes it easy for you to perform image filing, image measurements, image processing, preparation of reports, statistical processing, etc., all on the TV monitor.
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