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Image Pro
Image-Pro Plus Version Comparison 4.0 4.5 5.0 5.1 6.1 6.3
Image Acquisition Features            
Image/experiment database
AutoSet takes guesswork out of setting color balance exposure parameters    
Get an optimized image view with dynamic auto-range        
User-defined live scaling for low-light acquisition        
Composite Imaging Tools            
Image stitching and tiling tools    
Alignment correction to align individual or sequence images for translation, rotation, or scaling    
Extended Depth of Field (EDF) tools  
EDF Test Strips to test all EDF options with a single click    
Local Zoom - simultaneously view entire image and magnified area of interest    
Color Composite tool  
Set Manager to organize, extract, and display multiple image sets    
N-dimensional viewer to choose variables to display from image sets    
Image Processing Tools        
Dark mode for low light laboratory environments        
Manage inputs and outputs for your entire imaging system to achieve true color fidelity        
Apply dye tints to gray scale images by choosing emission wavelength    
Enhancement filters
Edge filters, Large Spectral filters, and custom kernel editing    
Morphological filters
Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) features
Pseudo-color tool
Restricted Dilation feature
Image Registration, and spatial and image alignment    
Image Deconvolution            
Built-in, real-time 2D deconvolution          
Built-in Nearest Neighbor and No-Neighbor deconvolution          
3D Imaging Features - (Requires Open GL graphics card)            
Voxel-based 3D filters for use with 3D volumetric, time-lapse and other 3D image sets        
Built-in Open GL viewer for interactive 3D volume rendering        
Classify Objects            
Automatic Count and Size tools
Maximum count number extended to over 100,000 objects (memory dependent)        
Measure lengths, roundness, aspects, angles, areas, perimeters, and holes
Export measurements to statistical and spreadsheet package via DDE
Display measurements as histograms & scattergrams
Auto Threshold
Manually tag, count, and classify objects
Measurement Tools            
Calibration Wizards    
Calibration tools
Co-localization of probes  
Pass/Fail routines can be recorded in a macro and played back later
Metrology tools measure features such as best-fit line, arc, and circle
Measure lengths, areas, perimeters, and angles
Auto-Trace feature
Quickly calculate max, min, and average thickness between lines
Caliper Tool for edge detection and measurement
Object Tracking Tools            
Manual and automatic object tracking tools    
Make morphological measurements on the objects being tracked      
Correlation tracking lets you track objects when image segmentation is difficult or not possible      
Define reference track        
Track and graph the changing of intensity parameters over time within an area of interest      
Image Analysis Tools            
Measurement equation editor        
Export data via DDE to Origin® or Microsoft® Excel        
Data graphing features include tools to dynamically link to image overlays        
Surface Plot displays image intensity values in a 3D Plot    
Data Collector collects data from multiple images from various tools
Live data collecting and charting      
Percent area of multiple threshold levels
Display data or histograms
Auditing and Authentication Features            
Audit Trail  
Image and File Signature “fingerprint” images for authenticity  
Memory Management            
Load and analyze image sets larger than your available RAM memory      
Image Management Tools            
6-month trial version of IQbase 2.0 image database        
Seamlessly Export to IQbase    
Organize, store, and retrieve images
Documenting and Reporting Features            
Annotation tools Annotation tools
Printing and Publishing features
Create customized report with images, data, and text
Customization Tools            
Customize your application with the interactive menu editor        
Create toolbars that follow your workflow    
Macro Programming tools allow you to customize your Image-Pro software
Intelligent macro editor includes command recognition        
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